An at home drug test kit for people

Do you suspect a family member or friend  is taking drugs? This DIY at home drug test is discreet so a urine or saliva sample isn't required like many of the other kits on the market.

The test kit involves:


Wiping personal items (e.g. wallets, bags, phones etc) using the Swab First sampling device


Sending the sample to our lab for analysis


Results are provided within 48 hours of the swab being received at our lab

What makes this drug test kit unique is the ability to collect the sample discreetly

This can help navigate a difficult situation because drug use and addiction can happen at any age. There can be warning signs, but asking the question is difficult. Use this at home drug test kit to inform your approach and conversation. The kit tests for 7 different drugs including methamphetamine (ice), nicotine, amphetamine, heroin, cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy. Samples are analysed at our National Laboratory and the results are provided fast.

Using the test kit is this easy

Discreet Personalised Drug Screen

We provide you an easy to use and high quality sampling kit that includes detailed instructions so you can feel confident you are sampling correctly.

You discreetly sample personal items of your choice such as phones and wallets.

The results are sent to you via email, so you can remain anonymous.

Available for delivery Australia wide.

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