Why should I use Swab First?

You should use Swab First before you buy, sell, lease or rent a property if you would like to know if it is impacted by drug residues. Landlords can also use Swab First for investment properties as it acts as a deterrent against indoor nicotine smoking, drug use and drug manufacture.

What substances are analysed by Swab First?

All of the Swab First products provide analysis for 7 substances including nicotine, methamphetamine, amphetamine, heroin, cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy.

What type of results does Swab First provide?

Swab First applies drug screening technology used by border control and law enforcement agencies and provides a certificate of analysis which tells you if the 7 substances are present or absent. This type of result is often referred to as qualitative.

Is a Swab First assessment a measure of health risk?

No. Swab First does not report against guideline levels or tell you if your home is safe or not. The alarm levels are based on the levels used by border control and law enforcement agencies to identify exceedances above typical background levels. We believe people have the right to live in a clean home and our easy to understand certificate of analysis has been designed so you can make an informed decision about your living environment.

Can Swab First be used to assess contamination associated with known clandestine drug laboratories?

No. Known clandestine drug laboratories must be assessed according to state and territory legislation. This typically involves a quantified assessment and in some cases air monitoring and soil sampling. If you are dealing with a known clandestine drug laboratory you should seek advice from your local council and state health department.

Nicotine isn’t an illicit substance, why does Swab First report on this?

Whilst nicotine is not an illicit substance, studies have shown that exposure and uptake into the body of nicotine and other smoke contaminants deposited on surfaces (known as third hand smoke) can be a health risk. Indoor smoking is also prohibited in many rental and lease agreements. Swab First reports on nicotine so you can make an informed choice about your living environment.