We believe people have the right to live in a clean environment

Swab First was developed by 4 health professionals with qualifications and experience in the fields of risk assessment, public and environmental health, toxicology, and environmental health.

Swab First informs you through investigative science

The Swab First system was developed because we recognised a growing need to provide people with reliable, accessible and affordable information about drug residues in homes and the environment. We achieve this by providing a unique and rigorous sampling system for the collection of samples which are analysed at our National laboratory.

We also conduct our own research

Why is Swab First different?

Border control & Law Enforcement into your home

We detect drug residues at internationally accepted concentrations that specify when further investigation is required.

Increased sampling density

We don't base our detection limits on guideline levels. By using accepted border control and law enforcement limits, we are able to sample many more surfaces within the home. This provides a more accurate measure of chemical distribution and provides you with greater confidence in the results.

Greater range of substances and fast results

We don't just test for methamphetamine. All our products report on nicotine, methamphetamine, amphetamine, heroin, cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy. Results are provided within 48 hours of the swab being received at our National laboratory.

We do not benefit from positive results

We do not provide any follow up work such as quantitative (forensic) testing or remediation. If you want to access these services we can recommend reputable companies which are independent of Swab First.