Drug testing kits with a difference that make investigative science accessible by bringing border control level drug screening to your doorstep

This is why our kits are different and like nothing else on the market

  • Test for more drugs

    There are many different drugs in the community so we don't just test for methamphetamine. We test for 7 different drugs including methamphetamine (ice), nicotine, amphetamine, heroin, cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy.

  • Reliable

    Reliability is everything, so we use the screening technology used by border control and law enforcement agencies.

  • Test more surfaces

    Drug deposition varies throughout homes as it reacts differently with different surfaces. Instead of testing a handful of locations, we test multiple surfaces from every room.

  • Protect your asset, not just your health

    Whilst it is well recognised that exposure to drug residues can be a health risk, there is often a debate about what the guideline level should be. We don't rely upon on guidelines, our detection limits are set by border control and law enforcement agencies so you can protect your asset, not just your health. We arm you with the information needed to make good decisions about your living environment.

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Test your house for drugs

Test your house for drugs using kits that were developed by health professionals. We recognised the shortfalls associated with other products and designed kits that are easy to use, reliable and report on the presence of 7 drugs including methamphetamine (ice), nicotine, amphetamine, heroin, cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy.

Why Swab First ?

There are many inherent risks associated with buying, renting or leasing a house. Things like asbestos, mould, structural damage and pests (e.g. termites) are front of mind for many who get a building or pest inspections as part of their due diligence. In the same way, testing your house for drugs is a due diligence step that can save you thousands while also protecting your health. Houses become contaminated with drugs through drug use and manufacture.


Use Swab First to test your house for drugs as part of your routine pre-purchase due diligence. It’s better to know up front and it’s a small price to pay before committing to the biggest purchase and investment of your life. Don’t risk the adverse and unforeseen financial and health implications associated with purchasing a drug contaminated house.

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Australian legislation places an expectation on landlords to provide homes that are clean and not a risk to health. The only way to demonstrate this is to test the property. Using Swab First routinely to test your house for drugs puts landlords on the front foot. It acts as a deterrent against drug use and manufacture and helps to select good tenants.

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There can be many hidden surprises when renting a property, don’t let drug residues be one of them. By using Swab First to test your house for drugs before you move in, you’ll prevent all the headaches associated with drug related adverse health outcomes, lease disputes and finding a new home under stressful conditions. Put yourself in charge.

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